Anxiety 101 – Understanding And Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety 101 (7)

Anxiety 101 – Understanding And Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health illness in America affecting over 40 million people. If you suffer from anxiety, clearly you are not alone! How do you know if what you are experiencing is anxiety or if you’re just overly stressed? How can you tell if what you are feeling is a panic attack or something else? This course is for you if:

  • You have difficulty falling or staying asleep;
  • You have racing or looping thoughts;
  • You are preoccupied by “what if” type thoughts;
  • You’ve experienced trauma;
  • You’ve had prolonged exposure to a stressful situation;
  • You have chronic tension in your body;
  • You’ve experienced a panic/anxiety attack;
  • You worry excessively;
  • You often feel overwhelmed.

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Course curriculum

Intro to Anxiety 101- 3 Things You Can Do Now
Lesson 1: Understanding Anxiety
Lesson 2: Breathing Techniques & Bodywork
Lesson 3: Separating Yourself from the Problem
Lesson 4: Soulwork
Lesson 5: The Anti-Anxiety Routine
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