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Relaxation Training: Learning to Self-Soothe

Most relaxation techniques teach us to focus on quieting our minds and our bodies will follow. This may seem nearly impossible to achieve if we suffer from anxiety or if we are going through a stressful time. This relaxation technique does the opposite. In Relaxation Training: Learning to Self-Soothe, you will be guided through the necessary steps to relax your muscles. As your body relaxes deeply, your mind will relax as well, quite effortlessly.

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Are you a victim of subtle abuse?

Nearly half of all women—and men—in the United States experience psychological abuse without realizing it. Manipulation, deception, and disrespect are hard to detect because they leave no physical scars, but they can be just as traumatic. In this groundbreaking book, Avery Neal, psychotherapist and founder of the Women’s Therapy Clinic, helps you recognize the warning signs of what she terms “subtle abuse.” As you are able to accurately identify patterns that have never made sense before, you are better equipped to make changes to free yourself from ongoing aggression and control. As an expert in the field, Neal has guided countless individuals to regain their self-esteem, their joy, and their lives, in the wake of this type of unhealthy relationship.