Give your audience the gift of knowledge from the leading expert on relationships, wellness, and psychological abuse.

Avery is an engaging speaker and global leader on relationships, wellness, and psychological abuse.

Her talks inspire corporate and nonprofit audiences to achieve happy, healthy relationships – the key to a fulfilling and successful life. She is available locally and internationally for keynotes, conferences, and fundraising.

About Avery

Avery Neal, PhD, LPC is a practicing psychotherapist, international author and speaker. In 2012 she opened Women’s Therapy Clinic, which offers psychiatric and counseling support to women. She specializes in depression and anxiety at all stages in a woman’s life.

Avery is the author of, If He’s So Great, Why Do I Feel So Bad?: Recognizing and Overcoming Subtle Abuse, which has been translated and published in twelve languages. Her articles and interviews have been published by, DailyOM, Best Self Magazine, Hitched Magazine, Bustle, POPSUGAR and PKWY Magazine and her courses have been taken by over 13,000 people worldwide. A leader in the field of relationships and mental health, The International Association of HealthCare Professionals nominated Avery as one of the top psychologists in Houston.